deal history

Sand Capital has acquired over 3 million square feet in Distressed Notes and REO Assets.

Selected deals are as follows:

  • Phoenix Land

    Phoenix Land

    Commercial Land

    Phoenix, AZ

    10.45 Acres Non-Performing Loan
  • Lafayette Place

    Lafayette Place

    Shopping Center

    Indianapolis, IN

    371,000 SF REO
  • Tippecanoe Court

    Tippecanoe Court

    Shopping Center

    Lafayette, IN

    245,567 SF REO
  • Danville Plaza

    Danville Plaza

    Shopping Center

    Danville, VA

    142,338 SF Non-Performing Loan
  • Four Peaks Plaza

    Four Peaks Plaza

    Power Center

    Fountain Hills, AZ

    140,390 SF CRE
  • Majestic Square

    Majestic Square

    Shopping Center

    Essexville, MI

    136,175 SF
  • Lincoln Crossing

    Lincoln Crossing


    Chicago Heights, IL

    101,498 SF Ground Lease
  • Waterford of Eau Claire

    Waterford of Eau Claire


    Eau Claire, WI

    99,324 SF Deed-in-Lieu
  • Lake Alfred Industrial

    Lake Alfred Industrial


    Lake Alfred, FL

    80,000 SF Performing Loan
  • Majestic Plaza

    Majestic Plaza

    Office Building

    Indianapolis, IN

    74,602 SF Non-Performing Loan
  • Corner Point

    Corner Point


    Norcross, GA

    73,600 SF REO
  • Clayton Town Center

    Clayton Town Center

    Shopping Center

    Clayton, NC

    70,714 SF REO
  • Mound Road Commons

    Mound Road Commons


    Shelby Township, MI

    70,200 SF Non-Performing Loan
  • Courtyard Office Park

    Courtyard Office Park

    Office Complex

    Southfield, MI

    62,420 SF REO
  • Huntwick Shopping Village

    Huntwick Shopping Village

    Shopping Center

    Houston, TX

    62,230 SF Non-Performing Loan
  • Sandor Headquarters

    Sandor Headquarters

    Office Building

    Indianapolis, IN

    56,000 SF REO
  • Regency Pointe

    Regency Pointe

    Shopping Center

    Jacksonville, FL

    54,337 SF REO
  • Village at Riverstone

    Village at Riverstone

    Retail & Pad

    Coeur d'Alene, ID

    52,000 SF REO
  • Payton Wells

    Payton Wells

    Auto Dealership

    Indianapolis, IN

    50,000 SF Non-Performing Loan
  • Oshkosh Retail Center

    Oshkosh Retail Center

    Shopping Center

    Oshkosh, WI

    47,000 SF Judgment
  • Oglesby Square

    Oglesby Square

    Shopping Center

    Macon, GA

    46,815 SF REO
  • Pleasant Grove Shopping Village

    Pleasant Grove Shopping Village

    Retail & 2 Pads

    Pleasant Grove, AL

    45,273 SF Non-Performing Loan
  • New Smyrna Retail

    New Smyrna Retail


    New Smyrna Beach, FL

    44,713 SF Non-Performing Loan
  • Meridian Parke Shoppes

    Meridian Parke Shoppes

    Retail Strip Center

    Greenwood, IN

    31,673 SF REO
  • McFarland Marketplace

    McFarland Marketplace

    Retail Strip Center

    Indianapolis, IN

    31,600 SF
  • Pelican Place

    Pelican Place

    Retail Strip Center

    Naples, FL

    30,204 SF Non-Performing Loan
  • Hickory Springs

    Hickory Springs

    Retail Strip Center

    Cartersville, Georgia

    30,201 SF REO
  • Plaza South

    Plaza South


    Murfreesboro, TN

    25,361 SF REO
  • Twinsburg Town Center

    Twinsburg Town Center

    Retail Strip Center

    Twinsburg, OH

    23,016 SF Non-Performing Loan
  • Kroger Plaza

    Kroger Plaza

    Retail Strip Center

    Shelbyville, IN

    22,490 SF REO
  • Harbour Bend

    Harbour Bend

    Office Complex

    Longwood, FL

    20,366 SF Non-Performing Loan
  • Gulfshore Plaza

    Gulfshore Plaza

    Medical Office/Retail

    LaBelle, FL

    19,840 SF Non-Performing Loan
  • Township Theater Shops

    Township Theater Shops

    Retail Strip Center

    White Bear Township, MN

    19,183 SF Non-Performing Loan
  • Toys R Us Plaza

    Toys R Us Plaza

    Retail Strip Center

    Kennesaw, GA

    19,020 SF REO
  • Phoeniz, Arizona Office Condos

    Phoeniz, Arizona Office Condos


    Phoenix, AZ

    18,820 SF Non-Performing Loan
  • Loganville Office Building

    Loganville Office Building

    Office Building

    Loganville, GA

    18,000 SF Non-Performing Loan
  • Heritage Square

    Heritage Square

    Retail Strip Center

    Corning, CA

    16,267 SF Non-Performing Loan
  • Showcase Plaza

    Showcase Plaza

    Retail Strip Center

    Jacksonville, FL

    16,200 SF Non-Performing Loan
  • Quail Northwest

    Quail Northwest


    Reno, NV

    16,021 SF Non-Performing Loan
  • Gateway Shopping Center

    Gateway Shopping Center

    Retail Strip Center

    Ontario, OH

    16,000 SF
  • 51st & Southern

    51st & Southern

    Retail Strip Center

    Phoenix, AZ

    15,659 SF Non-Performing Loan
  • Wabash Commons

    Wabash Commons

    Ground Leased Retail

    West Lafayette, IN

    15,000 SF Non-Performing Loan
  • Galewood Plaza

    Galewood Plaza

    Retail Strip Center

    Chicago, IL

    14,072 SF Non-Performing Loan
  • Port Orange Retail

    Port Orange Retail


    Port Orange, FL

    13,495 SF Non-Performing Loan
  • Cottage Grove Marketplace

    Cottage Grove Marketplace

    Retail Strip Center

    Cottage Grove, MN

    12,083 SF Non-Performing Loan
  • Champions Park Plaza

    Champions Park Plaza


    Houston, TX

    11,800 SF Non-Performing Loan
  • Burleigh Enterprise Center Shops

    Burleigh Enterprise Center Shops


    Milwaukee, WI

    11,705 SF REO
  • Avon Creek

    Avon Creek

    Retail Strip Center

    Avon, IN

    11,475 SF REO
  • Harvey Street Retail

    Harvey Street Retail

    Retail Strip Center

    Norton Shores, MI

    10,500 SF Non-Performing Loan
  • Tatum Shoppes

    Tatum Shoppes

    Retail Strip Center

    Phoenix, AZ

    9,871 SF Non-Performing Loan
  • Sedona Office Building

    Sedona Office Building

    Office building

    Sedona, AZ

    9,210 SF Performing Loan
  • Lochland Office Complex

    Lochland Office Complex

    Office Building

    Conyers, GA

    9,000 SF Non-Performing Loan
  • Brockway Plaza

    Brockway Plaza


    Saginaw, MI

    6,240 SF Non-Performing Loan